These 10 challenges facing physicians seem daunting and nearly insurmountable for office-based practices, many believe there is tremendous upside for primary care physicians in leading healthcare delivery in the United States in 2014 and beyond. The result could mean more autonomy; it could mean better quality of life for you and your patients, and hopefully result in less interference with the doctor-patient relationship. But it's going to take work. Physicians will need to reinvent their operations to create efficiencies, re-engineer workloads, workflows and staff responsibilities. Understanding the dynamics of a changing market, we can ultimately help physicians shape it, adapt to it and succeed.
  • Payment for medical services – ACA and changing payment trend
  • Government mandates – 2017
  • Payer headaches, and the fine print – a convoluted payment maze
  • Time – Finding time for patients despite escalating administrative noise
  • Technology costs.
  • Staffing and training – Higher staff turnover means new practice costs
  • "Putting control back in the hands of Physicians"
  • Changing patient populations – 2017
  • Primary care's changing role
  • Work-life balance – More personal and family time
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  • You don't have to give up your practice to Hospitals!
  • You don't have to sign unfair contracts with insurance companies!
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